Sir Samuel McCaughey

My 2nd cousin, 4 x removed

Was born in Tullynewey, Ballymena in County Antrim and was of course the famous sheep Irish-born pastoralist, politician, philanthropist.


Francis "BIG FRANK" McCaughey

My 1st cousin, 5 x removed

Was Sir Samuel McCaughey's father, and best known as a linen merchant in his own business McCaughey & Co.

Margot Elise Robbie

Unsure how we are related as she's a very private person, so there are no details, not even from the Robbie side of the family!

My great-grandmother (my mother's father's mother) was Elizabeth Bryan Robbie, and her father was David Robbie (mother Ann Bryan), so in some way Margot and I are related.  She looks very similar to my great-grandmother as well.

Leina'ala Ann Teruya Drummond

Leina'ala is the 1st cousin of husband of sister-in-law of 2nd cousin 1x removed

Confused?  Yes it is, yet researching my ancestry was worth-while as it joined all the dots previously amiss.

Leina'ala visited my mother and grandparents (my mother's parents) just after she won Miss Maui and Miss Hawaii 1964.  I think my grandfather was beside himself as she bought out her hula skirt!